The CAD-blocks. Online site can upload files for use by members of the community and site users.

When you upload a file to the user’s Web site that raises the file, it declares that the copyright to the file it raises

And it enables site users to use these files in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the site.

It is clarified here unequivocally that there is no absolute prohibition on uploading files to the site that the user who raises the file does not have the copyright for them.

We strongly oppose copyright infringement and urge users of the site to maintain the rights of other creators and not to upload files that do not possess the copyright for them.

It will also be clarified that if a person is using a file that does not have the copyright on the rights of another creator,

All legal responsibility for infringement of the copyright will be of the upload of the file and will be exposed to the prosecution for infringement of copyright and compensation payments.


The site is not responsible for enforcing the copyrights of the files on the site, the site, and its operators enable the existence of a cooperative library for the benefit of all users and its use,

Both when uploading and downloading the files are the full responsibility of the users when they perform these operations.

If you have found a file that you created and another user has uploaded without your permission, and your rights have been violated,

Contact us via the contact form and we will take care of your contacting and remove the file from the site.

Click here to contact the copyright infringement report.

Many of the files on the site were uploaded to the directory on site by skiers and site users

To share and use the community of planners and are presented on this website subject to the terms of use of the SAF. Co. i

Please keep an appropriate use of the site and files in your library.