Privacy Policy on site

“משתמש” – כל אדם ו/או גוף ו/או גורם אשר נכנס לאתר ו/או עושה שימוש באתר ו/או באיזה מהשירותים המוצעים בו, בין כלקוח ובין כגולש מזדמן.
“תכנים” – כתבות, מאמרים, ידיעות,נתונים, עצות, המלצות, ניתוחים, הנחיות, פרסומות, חסויות, הערכות, פורומים, צ’טים, שירותי SMS,
Bulletin boards and any information and/or other content in any format and any service provided on the site
And/or through it and/or related to it, including text, picture, voice and video appearing on the site and/or are available to the user.
The terms of this privacy policy regulate the subject on the (hereinafter: “the website”) against the User (hereinafter: “The Surfer”).
By using the website the surfer agrees to the terms of privacy policy presented here, a surfer that does not agree with one of the sections on this page is not allowed to use or browse the site.
Wherever the following privacy policy is specified, the words “user” or “surfer” are clarified that the reference is to “registered user” and “non-registered users” including casual surfer, etc. (unless otherwise specified).
This content is worded in the masculine for convenience only and is applied to men and women alike.


In CAD-Blocks. Online (“site”) appreciate your privacy.
Although the site is not an American body, the privacy policy is adapted to the guidelines of the American Export ministry and is suitable for the requirements of Israeli law and European directives.
The site maintains identified information about the user (“user”), including user name, real name, physical address, e-mail address, IP address, contacts list, and other information that will periodically provide us with.
The site also saves information that is not personally identifiable based on your activities, such as:
Surfing habits, use of services, websites that have brought you to us, surfing preferences, favorite pages, and other information we will get from you.
The site processes the information that will be passed through the service and will use it in accordance with the user’s request.
The site also renders both personal and non-personal information to aggregate information that is not personally identifiable,
Create profiles that let the user and other users have better service,
It is used in cumulative form to display advertisements or content when we may process the information in other ways that will notify you.


“Cookie” is a file that is saved to your computer and allows the website to identify you or verify your identity.
The site Stores “cookie” when you use the service to identify the user and enable you to connect to the service,
We may also share third parties and allow them to store cookies on your computer, and you should check their privacy policy.

The information on the site

The site provides access to information only to the operators of the site and their employees, who are under a hardwired commitment to secrecy,
Can access some of your personal information, as well as third parties that the user explicitly allowed to convey this information.
The website may send e-mail messages, advertisements, advertisements on behalf of third parties, and various proposals from time to registered users and to casual users who are not registered.
In various areas of the site, advertising offers are offered by various technological means, including forms to fill out personal information,
This information is submitted to the website of the Surfer’s free will to use the site at its sole discretion,
The site and the owners of the site reserve the right to deliver this information to third parties at their discretion.

The site allows the user to publish itself in various locations throughout the site for free,
Site representatives are allowed to use user-facing information published by themselves and their business on the site,
To contact them and to present them with advertising proposals in the fields of the user to which he and others are in the field.
The site may also contact the user if we feel that your account has been breached or for reasons related to the service.
We respect user privacy and the user can always use our management system to browse and repair any personal information or remove it,
If necessary, the user can always close his account, the user is welcome to contact us for any additional questions.
If you feel your privacy has been compromised, you can always contact our Privacy Supervisor by Form Contact us and file a complaint.